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Following below recent and "historical" research projects of the working group.


Lukas Iwan (Bearb.) & Prof. Dr. Gregor Borg (seit 2019): iTARG3T – Innovative targeting & processing of W-Sn-Ta-Li ores: towards EU's self-supply – Subproject: Mineralogical, geochemical and processing research of W-, Sn- and Li-ores.

Sabine Walther & Thomas J. Degen (since  2013): Geochemical characterisation of undeformed basaltic and doleritic dykes in the Stora Le Marstrand Formation (SW Sweden) in comparison to the magmatic rocks of the Oslo-Rift and the Rogaland Complex (Norway) (in cooperation with the SGU    Göteborg).


recent Phd-Projects

Gero Bode (seit 2004) Archaeogeological  investigations of historic and prehistoric traces of copper mining  activities along the southeastern margin of the Harz Mountains.

Master Theses

Anna Csipai Investigation of a tin anomaly in soil samples by analysis of heavy mineral concentrates of Selke river in the area between Straßberg and Mägdesprung, Eastern Harz Mountains.

Denny Droesler Geochemical investigation and behavior during weathering of tuffite layers in the open pit mine Mammendorf.

Florian Hollweg Comparative presentation of the structural and mineralogical relationships between "Rückenmineralisationen" and vein mineralization in the lower Harz Mountains and the southern Harz foothills.

Anne Klopprogge Conception and strategy in extraction technology and cost efficience in the open pit mine Mammendorf.

Sophie König Petrological and geochemical investigations of basalts at Ottoberg, Lausitz.

Franziska Rink Survey on the geological and economic significance of strategic metals (Nb, Ta, a.o.)

Vanessa Rösch Mineralogical-geochemical occurence and stratigraphy of crystalline and "line" salt (Zechstein 3) in the Nienburg Syncline, Saltmine Bernburg (Saxony-Anhalt).

Marieke Voigt Rock mechanical applicability of sandstone layers in the open pit mine Mammendorf.

Kay Wellnowski Characterization and analyses of Soil and hard rock samples in alterationzones of the Kahama district, Tansania.

Bachelor Theses

Nils Eckenberger Mapping of a spring horizon at the Rotliegend-Bundsandstein border and development of a possible alignment for the planned spring frame, Eyachtal, Northern Black Forest.

Sumaya Effendi Structural and geological mapping of a shear zone at Solberga (Southern Sweden).

Thore Philipp Gählert Petrographical investigation of the basanites at Mount Löbau, Lausitz.

Carl Hede Structural and petrographical investigations of the   tectonic emplacement of an ultramafic complex in the Stora Le-Marstrand   formation, Ödsmålmosse (Southern Sweden).

Indra Reck Strategical and ecological aspects for the construction of wind energy facilities in interior land.

Nikita Skopincev Formation of a duplex structure in the Middle Allochthon units of the Fjällfjäll window in the Kaledonides, Northern Sweden.