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Projects and Theses 2014

Projects 2014

Andreas Kamradt (2012-2014) Mineralogical-petrological supporting research of a impact crusher for primary and secondary raw materials. more

Antje Migalk & Prof. Gregor Borg (2013-2014):Qualitative Analyses of geochemical data aiming to establish a database for gold deposits for provenance analysis of archeological objects.


Elisante Elisaimon Mshiu (2011-2014): Regional control and alteration patterns at the gold deposits of the Lake Victoria area, Tanzania

Diploma Theses

Christian Schmidtchen Economic characterisation of copper deposits in SW England for provenancial analysis of artefacts of the Bronze Age

MSc Thesis 2014

Christian Marien REE mineralisation in an intrusive breccia in the area of Bitterfeld - Delitzsch

Maximillian Korges Supergene oxidation of PGE ores of the Merensky Reef, RSA.

Bachelor Theses 2014

Denny Droesler Petrographical investigation of rubbing stones of prehistorical discovery sites in the area of Pergamon, Western Turkey.

Sophie Emmerlich Structural-geological investigation of a shear zone at the peninsula Raholmen, Southwest Sweden.

Melanie Krüger Gearcheological investigation in the petroglyphic  region Sepasar in the Highlands of Syunik, Southeastern Armenia, within  the context of the petroglyphical campaign 2013.