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Projects and thesis 2016

Projects 2016

Dr. Manuela Frotzscher (2011-2016) Microscopic characterisation of ore samples from Trans-Ural more

Johannes Mennicke(Bearb.) & Prof. Dr. Gregor Borg (2015-2016):  Qualitative and quantitative investigations of heavy mineral content in tertiary gravel and sand deposits, Southern Sachsen-Anhalt (in coorperation with the LAGB     Sachsen-Anhalt and MIBRAG   ).

BSc Thesis

Nico Kropp Mineralogical and petrological investigation on Kupferschiefer type mineralization in the Wolfsberg mine, Richelsdorf mining district. more

Rebecca Lintzel Comparative geochemical and semi-quantitative investigation of vein-type mineralization in Kupferschiefer ores (Sangerhausen-Mansfeld, Kamsdorf, Ilfeld and Richelsdorf mining districts).

Sebastian Maak: Grid sampling of soils near Tilkerode to characterize occurrences of gold in the historical mining area of Tilkerode.

Felix Mackowiak Comparative geochemical investigations of tertiary basalts of the Elbezone, the Egergraben and the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) to verify XRF analysis.

Simone Schiele Geochemical investigation of Kupferschiefer in regard to the distribution of selected elements (V, Ni, Mo) that ar assoziated with organic matter.

MSc Thesis

Jan Henniges Geochemical characterisation of inclusions in placer gold from Sotk (Eastern Armenia)