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Research projects and theses 2000 til 2007


DFG-Project FOR 550

Kirsten P. Erickson (Bearb.) Summarising deposit-related and geological assessment of gravel deposits of the river systems Elbe, Elster and Mulde (Project  2006-2007)

Manuela Frotzscher (Bearb.) Geochemical and archeometallurgical investigations on prehistorical non-ferrous metal production in Middle Germany (Modul NW3).  (2004-2007)

Alexander Schmiderer (Bearb.) Geochemical and deposit-related characterisation of gold deposits in Middle Europe (Modul NW4) (2004-2007)

Stephanie Klatt & Sebastian Stelter (Bearb.) Gold mineralisation District of Pukanec (2006-2007)

PhD Thesis

Jörg Reichert (2007)   Metallogenesis of selected non-sulphide zinc deposits, Anguran, Irankuh, Mehdi Abad, Iran.

Diploma Thesis

Marco Fiedler (2007) A geochemical investigation of  the plate tectonic setting of Late Proterozoic volcanic rocks in the  Rosh Pinah/Skorpion Region, southernmost Namibia.

Stephanie Klatt (2007)   Origin and modification of gold in placers at Pucanec, Slowakia.

Janine Kottke-Levin (2007)   Characterisation and origin of feldspars from  supracrustal rocks, Gariep Belt, Namibia. more

Sebastian Stelter (2007)   Hypogene and supergene gold and wall rock alteration at a Neogene volcanic centre, Pukanec, Slowakia.



Jörg Reichert (Bearb.) Metallogenesis of the supergene zinc deposits Mehdi Abad, Irankuh und Kuh-e-Surmeh, Iran. (2002-2006)


Katrin Kärner (2006)   Geochemistry, mineralogy, and metallogenesis of the Skorpion non-sulphide Zn deposit, Namibia.

Diploma thesis

Kirsten Erickson (2006) Geology of Triassic and Quaternary Strata surrounding the bronze-age astronomical observatory at Goseck, Central Germany.

Stephanie Klatt (2006) Geology of Triassic and Quaternary Strata west of the bronze-age fortification at Mittelberg, Nebra, Central Germany.

Sebastian Stelter (2006) Geology of Triassic and Quaternary Strata surrounding the bronze-age fortification at Mittelberg, Nebra, Central Germany.

Combined Diploma thesis and mapping

Marco Fiedler (2006)   Geology, tectonics and economic potential of the eastern ‘Squabble Valley’ and petrology/geochemistry of Meta-amphibolites, Rosh Pinah District,  Namibia.

Judith Richter (2006)    Geology, tectonics, and economic potential of the southern Aus-Road area and geochemistry and petrology of hydrothermal carbonate breccias at Rosh Pinah Mine, Namibia.


Combined diploma thesis / mapping

Eva Klein (2005)    Petrology and struktural geology of the Skorpion open pit mine, Namibia.

Diploma mappings

Andreas Kamradt (2005) Detailed mapping at the Rosh Pinah massive Zn-Pb-Cu sulphide deposit in the Neoproterozoic Gariep belt/southern Namibia; EM-anomaly 12 (eastern Squabble Valley). more

Janine Kottke-Levin (2005) Mapping of the Stora Le-Marstrand Formation, South-Swedish Gneiss Province.



Farahnaz Daliran (Bearb.) Non-sulfide zinc deposits of Iran, investigated by using the Angouran Mine, NW Iran, as an example (Project 2002-2004)

Christoph Gauert (Bearb.) Proximity indicators of sediment-hosted non-ferrous metal deposit and their metamorphic vulnerability (Project 2000-2004)

Katrin Kärner (Bearb.) Metallogenesis of the non-sulfide zinc deposit Skorpion, Namibia (Project 2000-2004)

Mapping Projects

Maik Härtel (2004) Geological mapping between Skärhamn and Gaseknöde, Island Tjörn, SW Sweden, Baltic Shield

Tobias Hubert (2004) Geological mapping of crystalline rocks of the Stora Le-Marstrand Formation between Skärhamn and Rösselvik, SW Swedish Gneiss Province, Island Tjörn, SW Sweden



Gregor Borg Exploration potential for non-ferrous metals in the Buschmanland Province, RSA (Project 2003)

Marko Fiedler (Bearb.) Evaluation of the metallogenetic potential for sediment-hosted non-sulfide non-ferrous deposits in Northern Africa (Project 2003)

Jens Grimmer (Bearb.) Mineralogical and geochemical investigation of Anhydrites of a hydrothermal/volcanic center in Southern Namibia (Project 2003)

Diploma Thesis

Sabine Vetter (2003)   Metallogenic investigation of carbonate-hosted base metal vein mineralisation at the graben fault of the Niederrheinischen Bucht, Stolberg, NW-Germany.


Diploma Thesis

Manuela Frotzscher (2002)   Vertical and lateral chemical variations of the mineralisation at the Rendezvous Pb-Zn-Cu Prospect, Damaraland, Namibia.

Nikola Koglin (2002)   Petrology and geochemistry of archaeological slags from Thuringia,  Germany.

Coupled Diploma Thesis and Mapping

Thomas Kühn (2002)   Geology, geochemistry and petrology of Zn-Pb-sulphide-related gossans on Farm Spitzkop, N of Rosh Pinah Mine.

Christine Lüttich (2002)   Geology, geochemistry and petrology of Zn-Pb-sulphide-related carbonates on Farm Spitzkop, Rosh Pinah Mine.



Markus Wolfgramm (2001)   Reconstruction of thermic and chemical evolution of palaeo-fluidsystems within the Northgerman Basin from analyses of fluid inclusions, NE-Germany (Joint supervision with Prof.G. Bachmann and Dr. A. Schmidt Mumm)

Diploma Thesis

Jens Schwenke (2001)    Petrological investigations of sulphide mineralisations in Devonian limestones at Wülfrath, NW-Germany.

René von der Heyde (2001)   Paragenetic and processing-technological investigations of argentiferous ores of the baryte-fluorspar mine ‘Clara’, Wolfach, Germany.


Mapping Projects

Stefan Krüger (2000)   Geological map of the melange-zone at the northern margin of the Rei-Iz-Complex, Polar Ural, Russia.

Jeannine Meinhardt (2000)   Geological Map (1:10.000) of the Sinclair Sequence, Evasputz (Farm Nauzerus), Rehoboth District.

Susanne Schmid (2000)   Sedimentary, volcanic and igneous units on Farm Nauzerus 11, Rehoboth District. (Guisis and Klein Aub).

Jens Schwenke (2000)   Geological mapping of igneous, metamorphic and volcanic units on Farm Nauzerus 229, E of the Klein Aub road.

René von der Heyde (2000)   1 : 10.000 geological map of the Pre-Naukluft sequences on Nauzerus Evasputz, SW-part, Namibia.