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Research projects and theses 2009


Marko Fiedler & Gregor Borg (Bearb.) Niob and tantal potential of carbonatites and associated rocks, a global evaluation (Project 2008-2009)

Marko Fiedler (Bearb.) Study on carbonatites (Project 2008-2009)

Danilo Wolf & Gregor Borg (Bearb.) Investigation on the heavy mineral and valuate mineral content in gravels and sands of SE Sachsen-Anhalt (Project 2009)


Manuela Frotzscher (2009) Geochemical characterisation of middle European copper deposits to determine the origin of copper of the Sky disk of Nebra.

Mohammad Sadeghi (2009) Remote sensing and integrated GIS analysis of mineral exploration in the Takhab region, NW-Iran (part time).

Alexander Schmiderer (2009) Geochemical characterisation of gold deposits in Europe

Diploma mappings

Danilo Wolf (2009) Geological mapping of the Stora Le-Marstrand Formation between Hallsunga, Glose and peninsula Karholmen, SW Sweden

Romina Peetz (2009) Geological mapping of crystalline rocks of the Stora Le-Marstrand Formation between Kovikshamn and Stora Överön, SW Swedish Gneiss Province, SW Sweden


Dennis Mohwinkel (2009) Ore petrographic description of copper samples from the Saalfeld-Kamdorf mining district