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Scientific projects and theses 2012

Scientific Projects 2012

Andy Allenberg (Bearb.) (2011-2012) Geo-archeological investigations on gold resources of Sotk and Fioletovo, Armenia (funded by the state of Sachsen-Anhalt) more

Andreas Kamradt & Marko Fiedler (2009-2012) Extraction of metals and mineralogical products from Kupferschiefer mining dumps, Mansfeld Syncline. more

Martin Kettmann-Pommnitz & Sten Hüsing (Bearb.) Investigations of gold mineralisations of the Rosh Pinah lead-zinc mine.

Christian Marien (Bearb.) (2011-2012) REE mineralisation in an intrusive breccia in the area of Bitterfeld - Delitzsch (in coorperation with the Federal Geological Survey of Sachsen-Anhalt, LAGB   )

Diploma Theses

Christin Bieligk Geochemical characterisation of drilling material from a Kupferschiefer mining dumb of the former Mansfeld mining district

Nadine Liebetrau Geochemical investigations on in-situ weathering of material from the mining dump of the Theodor Shaft in the former Mansfeld mining district, Sachsen-Anhalt

Saskia Meißner Sediment and ore petrography on material from the Kupferschiefer mining dump of the Fortschritt 1 shaft, Mansfeld mining area

Bachelor Theses

Elisa Burmester Classification and quantification of heavy mineral layers in the tertiary sands of a drill hole in the lignite miner Profen, Sachsen-Anhalt

Julius Jahn Petrographical description of the Domsen Sands in a drill hole of the  lignite mine Profen with special focus on their heavy mineral content

Maximilian Korges Characterisation of the opaque heavy mineral content of the Saxonian Saale river, the Haselbach, the "Großer Bach" and the Radau with respect of a possible PGM content.

Antje Migalk Spatially resolved geochemical profiles of selected hand specimen of Kupferschiefer mining dumps in Mansfeld more