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Projekte und Qualifikationsarbeiten 2017

M.Sc. Thesis

Franziska Rink: Strategische Metallrohstoffe - eine  geopolitische und wirtschaftliche Analyse.

BSc-Thesis 2017

Anna Friebel: Structural and geological mapping of a nappe complex at Tjuvkil Huvud (Southern Sweden).

Andreas Kirchner Geological mapping and microscopic investigation of a retro and later prograde metamorphic nappe, sheared into the "Elbtalschiefergebirge" near Berggießhübel (Saxony).

Nadine Köppelmann Mapping of the second and third mile of Via Appia, Rom (Italy) with special aspects of historical mining sites and natural occurences.

Niklas Mayer Economic quantification of placer gold in early pleistocene congrete deposits in the area of Weissenfels.

Nicolas Meyer Comparison of different comminution products of Kupferschiefer-type ore by using "feature analysis" and granulometric data. more

Eric Ottenberg Structural and petrographical investigation of undeformed mafic dykes being situated in polymetamorphic rocks of the Stora Le-Marstrand Formation, Ytter Restad (Southern Sweden).

Paul Winkler Structural and geological mapping of a sheared complex in the northern part of the Fjällfjäll Window, Caledonides (Northern Sweden).