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Research Projects and qualification theses 2013

Scientific Projects 2013

Dr. Manuela Frotzscher (Bearb.): Investigation on the natural occurences of rocks found in a moved collective grave in the ground of Salzmünde

Sabine Walther & Raik Döbelt (Bearb.) (2011-2013) Enrichment of REE in heavy mineral placers of the tertiary Domsen Sands (in cooperation with the Federal Geological Survey of Sachsen-Anhalt, LAGB    and MIBRAG   )

Master Theses

Raik Döbelt Enrichment of REE in heavy mineral placer of the tertiary Domsen Sands

Christian Günther Mineralogy of the  talc-carbonate-pyrite schist and its spatial distribution in open pit 3  of Nkomati Nickel Mine in the Uitkomst Complex, South Africa

Sebastian Heitzer Geochemical and  mineralogical  characterization of alteration minerals by portable SWIR- and XRF-Analyzer of drill cores from the Western Orefield 3, Rosh Pinah Zn-Pb (Ag) deposit, Namibia. more

Astrid Kauert GIS-based analysis of structural and geochemical features of the European Kupferschiefer-type deposits.

Johannes Kluck Distribution and lithological modelling of the "Domsen Sands" in the area of the mining field Domsen (Lignite Mine Profen) with special consideration of the REE containing minerals.

Alexander Schmidt structural-geological mapping in the South of Island Tjörn between Rönnäng and Skärhamn (SW Sweden)

Bachelor Thesis

Philipp Löppen Mineralogical characterisation of selected sample of the Scorpion non-sulphide zinc deposit, Namibia. more

Simon Sachwitz Reconstraction of the basic plane of Andesit for prospecting the underlying Greywacke-Pelite-Series in the open pit of Mammendorf.