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student activities

Students of the research group win student poster prize at TSK 2016 in Bonn

A group of students accompanied by Dr. Thomas J. Degen took part in the TSK in Bonn in March 2016. During this conference Nick Fischer and Sophie König presented a poster dealing with the results of their Bachelor thesis. They have won the first prize in the student-poster-contest.

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Field trip to South Sweden

Field trip to South Sweden, 27.09.-04.10.2015

Due to a wonderful landscape and a very interesting geology eleven students took the chance to visit the Southwestern part of Sweden. The field trip was guided by Dr. Thomas J. Degen who was supervising several students doing their final theses in this area and who also worked on different scientific topics in this area. He was the one showing and explaining all the geological specials of this region. Therefore the authors like to thank him at this point for spending his time and organizing the whole trip.

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A third summer in Greenland.

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Summer job in Greenland

Tim Rödel, a master student of our Research Group, was spending his  summer time working as geological field assistant for the Danish  exploration company "Avannaa" from 24th to 30th of August. During their exploration project in central Eastern Greenland several areas have been investigated for possible sediment-hosted copper deposits.

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Short Course on Platinum-Group Elements (PGE) Geochemistry

Prof. Marian Tredoux von der Free State Universität Bloemfontain wird vom 15.07. bis 18.07.2011 einen Short Course zum Thema "Platinum Group Elements (PGE)  Geochemistry" am Institut für Geowissenschaften und Geographie der  Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg präsentieren. Hierzu laden die SGA Studenten der Uni alle Interessenten recht herzlich ein.

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Halle students at the SGA Student Conference in Prague

The SGA Students Meeting has established itself as a fixed date in the calendar of Halle student’s activities. Since last year for the first time foreign students in this form came to visit Halle, attended excursions in the region and listened presentations on the regional geology of central Germany, this type of meeting repeated again this year.

Currently, student’s theses and ongoing PhD-Projects were presented at the SGA Student Conference in Prague from 15 to 18 April 2011 as poster or oral presentation.

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Short Course Ni- and Au deposits, Oulu Finland

Eine Auswahl Hallenser Studenten konnte die Möglichkeit nutzen  zusammen mit Dr. Thomas J. Degen an einem in Oulu, Finnland  stattfindenden Short Course zu Nickel- und Goldlagerstätten  teilzunehmen. Die hallenser Studenten, alle Mitglieder der SGA, nutzten  gleichzeitig die Chance mit studentischen Mitgliedern der SGA der  Universitäten Warschau, Helsinki und Oulu in Kontakt zu treten und damit  ein im Aufbau befindliches Europäisches Netzwerkes von studentischen  Mitgliedern der SGA zu erweitern.

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International Student Meeting 19.02.-23.02.2010

Between February 19th and February 23rd 2010 SGA student members will meet at Halle University to discuss regional and economic geology.

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Field work just 100 km south of the polar circle

Students visiting Freiberg

Halle students pay a visit in Freiberg

A group of 10 students payed a visit at Freiberg to meet students from Freiberg university from 29.05. to 31.05. Together a field trip on mining and mining history of the Freiberg ore district was performed.

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Preservation of monuments in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt

In cooperation with the Petrology and Economic Geology Research Group and the Institute of Diagnostics and Conservation of Monuments in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, Thomas Bugiel will start to work on his Dipoma thesis with the topic: "Investigation and evaluation of the applicability of mobile infrared spectroscopy (Terraspec) for material-specifying questions in monument and heritage conservation,“ on 07.01.2010 in Halle (Saale).

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